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A wonderful experience

Jan 27, 2013 by brendat

A wonderful experience, warm, and friendly. Like your going home.

I have gotten lots of compliment already!!!

Jan 18, 2013 by veronicac

My second time getting my haircut by Vanessa and its awesome . Just what I wanted and I have gotten lots of compliment already!!!

I just LOVE this place!!

Jan 16, 2013 by juliem

I just LOVE this place!! Everyone is happy and friendly. Vanessa again nailed it!! She is my new BFFHS.

Overall, great experience!

Jan 14, 2013 by Diana H.

GROUPON brought me here.

One day, out of the blue, I decided that I wanted to get my hair cut. I don't know how much, I don't know the style, I just know that it needs to be cut.

Made a call to Que Bella, since I know I have a groupon and it needed to be redeemed soon, I set up an appointment at 2:30pm on a Saturday. The receptionist penciled me in with Cassandra.

On that Saturday 1/11/13, my sister decided to come with me to Old Town Covina to check out the salon and whatever is around the place.

Before getting my cut, my sis and I went to the SUGAR BOWL...mMMmmMMm give that place a try, WORTH IT!

Back to Que Bella...
I got in ten minutes before my appointment, 2:20pm, I got to change into somethiing comfortable and got to get to chat with the people working there. I still wasn't looking at the magazines or what syle of cut I wanted. I was going to leave it up to the stylist to decide what was best with what I wanted. I knew that I want to get my hair layered, since my hair is very thin and long.

In the end, Cassandra did a great job. She listened to me and I loved the cut. My sister said, "That's the cut I wanted, I love it."

Even friends LIKED my cut on FB. hahaha

Overall, great experience!

The service and attention to detail is superb

Dec 30, 2012 by anonymous

The service and attention to detail is superb.Kudos to Jesse who is a hair guru!

Great atmosphere and personnel at Que Bella Salon

Dec 30, 2012 by pauls

Jessie did a great job on my hair. Great atmosphere and personnel at Que Bella Salon. I have been going for over a year now

Everyone at Que Bella salon was very friendly and it was a pleasant atmosphere

Dec 29, 2012 by Deborah C.

Came here with a Groupon. Having never tried this salon before and not knowing anyone personally who had, but going only based on good Yelp reviews, I desperately needed cut and color and couldn't afford it without a coupon, so I decided to take a risk. Hadn't been happy with my old stylist for quite some time anyway. When I came in, I was greeted by Lorenzo who was talkative and friendly. I sat down with Jessi while he, Lorenzo, and I discussed what I wanted. I told them how I always wanted cool blonde highlights but was never able to achieve them. Past hairdressers always ended up giving me a golden honey blonde, which is not what I wanted. We agreed to do a full color to get my hair back to its original dark blonde/light brown, and then put in light, cool blonde highlights. While I only wanted a simple cut, Jesse suggested some layers and I decided to just let him do his thing. Jessi worked on my hair for a long time and gave me the most fabulous cut I have had in years. What's more, I got the color I wanted for the first time ever. When I debuted my new look at work the next day, everyone couldn't stop raving about how wonderful I looked. I am definitely going to return and have Jesse as my regular stylist from now on. Everyone at Que Bella salon was very friendly and it was a pleasant atmosphere.

Que Bella Salon was great.

Dec 26, 2012 by florindac

Que Bella Salon was great. Thank you so much

I enjoyed my Que Bella salon experience

Dec 20, 2012 by brendah

I enjoyed my Que Bella salon experience with Vanessa Diaz. She greeted me promptly, listened to my concerns and suggestions about my hair and did a fantastic job on my cut, color, and style. Plus, she got me in and out rather quickly compared to other salons that have done my hair in the past. The salon was easy to locate and the remodel was done in very good taste. Thanks for a wonderful salon experience and I hope to come back again soon (It all depends on my budget). I will be referring you to all my friends and family. Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year in 2013. Sincerely Brenda Hall-Caudillo

Vanessa was great!

Dec 16, 2012 by heatherj

Vanessa was great! The color came out exactly like I wanted and the cut is great.

Always a 5 star experience

Dec 13, 2012 by brendat

Always a 5 star experience, Love what Lorenzo is doing to the salon . Everyone. is soooooooooooooo friendly...GREAT! Happy Holidays dear friends. Keep up the good work. Lv Brenda

Enzo was awesome!

Dec 08, 2012 by Wade T.

Enzo was awesome! Several months ago, he did a great job as he stripped, colored, and cut my girlfriend's hair, he gave me a cut and styled my hair at the same time. I try calling over and over and haven't been able to reach anyone - consistently get the answering machine so I haven't been back..

superior services delivered by professionals

Dec 07, 2012 by ceciliah

Positive experience...superior services delivered by professionals especially the master stylist!

I loved my haircut.

Nov 27, 2012 by ceceliap

Vanessa was great, I loved my haircut.

After reading all the wonderful reviews online about the salon I decided to give Que Bella Salon a try.

Nov 25, 2012 by anonymous

I just moved to the area and I was looking for a local salon to get my haircut. After reading all the wonderful reviews online about the salon I decided to give Que Bella Salon a try. I called to make my appointment and was able to be scheduled the same day!

When I arrived to the salon Lorenzo greeted me and made me feel right at home. I explained what I needed done with my hair and he did nothing more or less...he did exactly what I wanted and I love my hair. He did not push any products or services and was very down to earth considering he is the owner! I will definitely be going back and I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Very satisfied

Nov 16, 2012 by dianec

Very satisfied. Lots of compliments. Love the color!


Oct 31, 2012 by emmal

I enjoyed my visit immensely. Vanessa did a great job with my color and cut. LOVE IT! All the staff is great and very friendly. My grandaughter's mom will be making an appointment soon.


Oct 29, 2012 by ceciliah

Excellent...great service by all the stylists!

I will definately make this my preferred hair salon

Oct 28, 2012 by juliem

Really enjoyed my experience overall. I will definately make this my preferred hair salon and Vanessa my go to girl!

Loved my hair cut/style! Thank you Que Bella

Oct 25, 2012 by clarissag

Came in to get a hair cut and my experience was great! My stylist was Jesse and he really took the time to understand my concerns about my hair and gave me a fabulous do! Loved my hair cut/style! Thank you Que Bella

This is now my salon of choice

Apr 29, 2012 by Teresa J.

Jesse is amazing!.. I went in for the first time just to get a simple cut and style. I ended up getting high lights as well, and they turned out great! I got so many compliments at the birthday celebration I went to the next day. Not only did Jesse highlight, cut and style my hair, but he gave me an aroma therapy massage, facial, and he did my nails!! I've never been so pampered at a hair salon! The service was fantastic, and ALL of the employees made me feel at home. This is now my salon of choice, and Jesse is my new hair stylist!

Thanks for making my afternoon, Que Bella Salon! : )

Apr 14, 2012 by Cassandra C.

Came in today for a cut with Lorenzo. Very happy with it! While I was waiting for the client ahead of me to be done, Lorenzo (who is the owner) struck up a conversation with me. It was nice that he remembered me since I had only been in once before. We also talked about what I wanted with my cut. Jessie (also very friendly) then gave me a nice scalp massage, shampoo + condition, and glossing treatment. Since the last client was still being worked on, he also did my make-up (fun!). Lorenzo then started cutting my hair into a perfect bob. He really is a master of shorter hairstyles. "For short ends, go see Lorenz!" Haha. Love how friendly and talkative everyone is at this salon.

Thanks for making my afternoon, Que Bella Salon! : )

Definitely going back! Thanks Lorenzo =)

Mar 22, 2012 by Lilly V.

LORENZO is AMAZING!!! I needed a new hair stylist , so I came here to see all the reviews and I'm happy to say I found a new stylist!! It was very important to me to find the right one, since this would be the first time I cut my hair after surviving Cancer and all my hair falling off.. Lorenzo gave me just what I needed a little pazaaz in my life. My new bob look gives me the confidence and sexiness I needed...His staff was super respectful & kind. I loved the attention I got here..Definitely going back! Thanks Lorenzo =)

Fabi did a amazing job again!!

Sep 23, 2011 by Monique A.

My Jude and Noah got their hair cut today and Fabi did a amazing job again!! Can't wait for my appointment next week!!!!

My wife has been going to Fabi for 10 years

Apr 02, 2011 by Andrew A.

My wife has been going to Fabi for 10 years an our daughter going on 3. Im very pleased with her work!! Ask for emma/fabi!

Best kept secret

Dec 28, 2010 by Anette F.

Best kept secret in my opinion. They are professional, affordable, polite and artists. The owner, Lorenzo, is great and welcoming. I get my hair cut by the wonderful Faby and have been for over 3 years. I'm extremely picky when it comes to what I want and have a terrible time describing it but as always, Faby comes through and knows exactly what I'm talking about. They have different services as well as products that are offered. I would not hesitate to stop on by and give them a try. I guarantee that you will be hooked for life!

She did an AMAZING job

Dec 24, 2010 by Angeline P.

I don't understand why this place isn't overflowing with yelp reviews. Lorenzo is a god. Both times I've been here, I've shown up with some vague idea of what I want (and I really mean vague. I am horrible at going to salons because I really don't know what I want, I just have general ideas relating to color), and Lorenzo has delivered. This time, I gave him some inane description like "Some highlights, maybe? Not too crazy red though. Something that will grow out nice and I don't have to maintain. Oh, and layers." Lorenzo took one look at me and then had Vanessa do my highlights. She did an AMAZING job. Lorenzo's cut and style had me feeling like I should have planned something more exciting to do than go eat meat pies in Monterey Park afterward.

I don't like getting haircuts generally because they cost an arm and a leg and I don't trust that the hairdresser will get it right the first time. Lorenzo has not failed me. I will gladly pay the price to be able to place complete faith in someone, knowing they will make me look great.

I should also point out that a month after I got my first haircut from Lorenzo, I met "that boy" I often reference in my Yelp reviews. Lorenzo is GOOD LUCK. Go see him already!

always does a great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 19, 2010 by sebastian r.

the place it self is awesome !! smells great! and the people there are awesome every one is all smiles and welcoming no matter whats going on with there personal life they all seem to be happy to see me ( which tells you about customer service ) they always have TEA/WATER/COFFEE ready to go as soon as you sit down...the level of understanding and education that all the reps have gone through shows...I LOVE MY GURL EMMA!!! GOLDEN touch that one has !! always does a great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a client of Que Bela for a couple years now

Feb 18, 2010 by Blair M.

There are a lot of salons in a very small area near this salon. I haven't been to all of them, but that's because once I had gone to Que Bella I didn't feel the need to keep trying the others.

I have been a client of Que Bela for a couple years now and every time the service and quality has been outstanding. After being greeted, I am offered a glass of ice tea or a rose or some other wine. I know it's a little thing, but I love being pampered.

The owner/lead stylist is Lorenzo and he is an artist. I know that he used to run the salon as an employer and all the other stylists as employees, but that now, some of the other stylists rent their stations. All that is to say, I can't vouch for the quality of any non-Lorenzo trained stylists. But I can say that every time I or my girlfriend leave the salon, we look fabulous. Chic, sleek and sexy. I'll say it again, Lorenzo is an artist.

Went there for the first time, and was very pleased.

Nov 21, 2009 by angela m.

I'm surprised that i didnt find any raving reviews about this place on yelp.
Went there for the first time, and was very pleased.
Great salon, very clean with cute decor...
I was greeted by the employees, who were very friendly and offered tea...taken in right on time by stylist Sabrina.
I went in expecing just a simple haircut/style, but before she even got started on that, she gave me a scalp and shoulder massage, followed by a very relaxing shampoo, great haircut, and blowdry.
She really took her time, and was very thorough with her work.
Definitely recommend her...
Price ranges around $50-$60 but its totally worth it!

Lorenzo is a genius with hair!

Jul 11, 2008 by Kerith D.

Lorenzo is a genius with hair!

I have fine, difficult-to-style hair and he is the first stylist to listen to me and suggest a cut that actually works for my hair and willingness to spend about 5 minutes primping it in the morning! I absolutely love the cut and am able to make my hair look good every morning (not nearly as good as he can, but that's to be expected!).

Additionally, I'm in my late 30s and have never had my hair colored - yet, I felt so comfortable with Lorenzo that I agreed for him to highlight it. It looks fantastic and I only wish that I had met him earlier so I could have looked this good for so much longer.

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